The Venerable Dawn

The Venerable Dawn: Ascension is the first book in a series. Or at least, what I hope will be a series. I use this space to keep my followers apprised of my endeavors in the pursuit of my goal.

The only constant in life is change ~ Heraclitus

Lilith Cunningham is a freelance attorney, estranged from the governing body of her species, The Society of the Venerable Dawn. After the horrifying deaths of her parents and beloved grandfather in her teens, she vowed to defy the Society’s expectations of her as a trubred. Forsaking her ancestry, she dove head-first into her terrestrial career after her indoctrination. Hell-bent on not letting her abilities define her, she only used her magick for inconsequential purposes. Unreportable uses.

Living a quiet life except for an occasional gig fronting her band, Lilith successfully maintained her anonymity. Compiling with the bare minimum to keep the Society’s stewards at bay. Coming to terms with the loss of her family. Mission accomplished until Hank Dewey, one of the five Council leaders, rang her doorbell.