Featured Works

  • Earth’s Bounty
    One of the most challenging parts of writing The Venerable Dawn: Ascension are composing the magick verses. I’m not a poet by any stretch of the imagination. Yet the verses are poetic in nature. Recently, I penned my favorite… As summer sets, Gaia offers her bounty,Ripe fruit as black as night, sweet as mulberries.But beware. … Continue reading Earth’s Bounty
  • Book Research: The Sphinx and The Art of Seduction
    Research for my most recent submission to my critique group included the Sphinx and the art of seduction. Let’s talk about the Sphinx first and save salacious discussion for later. THE SPHINXFirst, the correct spelling of the monolith standing guard over the Great Pyramids of Giza is S-P-H-I-N-X. Someone who shall not be named kept … Continue reading Book Research: The Sphinx and The Art of Seduction
  • Letters From Home
    Blair backed her SUV into the double-wide driveway. The tail lights blazed red, and it lurched to a stop. She opened the door with such force, it snapped back on her leg. Using her foot, she pushed it open until it held. Her arms loaded with her computer, messenger bag, and lunchbox and her morning … Continue reading Letters From Home
  • Book Research
    I recently finished my latest submission for my critique group. My usual routine is to take the week off while waiting for my critiques to come in. The time away from writing lets my story simmer for a bit and refreshes my mind in preparation for the next round of 8,000+ words. Something fun I … Continue reading Book Research
  • Literary Techniques
    Recently, I’ve been looking for guidance about writing short stories. Why? Because short stories are recommended for new fiction writers, and I’m new to fiction writing. They help us hone our skills before delving into the complex work of writing a novel. Practice makes perfect. Mistakes can be made without wasting a lot of time … Continue reading Literary Techniques